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Dyes on our Fabrics

The Dye Debate

We have attempted to be as honest on our web site as possible and avoid using language that is not accurate.
In example, since many of you have asked about dyeing, the dyeing of our fabric is one particular area where we were careful not to mislead.

There are many sites that market their products as being dyed with "fiber reactive low impact dyes". That statement is somewhat misleading as there really are no "low impact" dyes that are available for production dyeing of fabrics. Fiber reactive dyes are petrol-chemical in nature and have a definite adverse impact on the environment. While we use the lowest impact fiber reactive dyes available, they are by no means low impact. At best, approximately 75%-80% of the dyestuffs, depending on the color, stay on the fabric, the rest go out for wastewater treatment before being returned to the aquifer. Unfortunately, there is nothing better on the market and, while we would like to be as good of stewards of the environment as possible, we work with the best materials available until something better is developed.

Additionally, we do not use ANY chlorine for bleaching or pre-bleaching nor do we use any dyefixing agents which contain some unattractive compounds - on any of our products.

All of our purely natural fabric is just that - natural without dye.