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  • Are all of your products Made in the USA?
    Yes, we manufacture all of our products in our sewing plant in SC. Our employees are third generation sewing machine operators who take great pride in the art of sewing.
  • Are your products 100% bamboo or is there cotton mixed in?
    Bamboo needs to be blended with other fibers in order to be stable. We manufacture our own fabrics and we have several different blends:
    • 70% bamboo viscose/30% organic cotton
    • 67% Viscose from Organic Bamboo/ 28% Organic Cotton/ 5% Lycra
    • 94% Viscose from Organic Bamboo, 6% Lycra
  • What are the washing instructions for your products?
    Machine wash, mild soap, cold or warm water and tumble dry.
    Chlorine bleach can quickly damage bamboo fibers, so we not recommend using bleach.
    80% of the environmental impact of clothing results post-purchase. The majority of the focus of sustainability should be how we wash our clothes, not just how they were made.
  • Does the clothing shrink at all?
    Our products shrink the same as products made of cotton - about 5% on average.
  • Can I return or exchange something that doesn’t fit?
    Free Shipping on orders over $150 & Free 365 Day Returns and Exchanges in the U.S.
  • Are your dyes good for the environment? Does the color fade?
    Bamboo is easier to dye than most natural fabrics meaning less chemical processing at the dyeing stage than cotton or synthetics.  We do not use ANY chlorine for bleaching or pre-bleaching nor do we use any dye-fixing agents which contain some unattractive compounds - on any of our products. No, the colors do not fade - they remain bright and rich through many washings.
    All of our purely natural fabric is just that - natural without dye.
  • Is your bamboo grown in the US?
    No, all bamboo fiber comes from China, where the patent for the processing is held. We manufacture all of our fabrics and our products in the USA.
  • What species of bamboo is used for your products?  Where is it grown?
    The species of bamboo our yarn comes from is Phyllostachys pubescens - Moso bamboo.  The Bamboosa bamboo is grown principally in Yunnan Province.  It is most commonly used for construction purposes and edible bamboo shoots.
  • Are you taking the natural habitats of pandas away from them?
    It is true that panda habitats have been shrinking over the years with general urban and other land use encroachment, but the Chinese Government is quite earnest in its desire to maintain what's left and the remaining giant bamboo forests are now far better protected.
  • I have a farm with a lot of bamboo. Can I send it you?
    No, please don’t. :) We have to buy the fiber, spin it into yarn and then make rolls of fabric from that yarn. We do all of that as locally as possible, but not here in our facility. Once the rolls of fabric arrive here in our plant, we begin sewing that fabric into products.