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Recently ordered a variety of Bamboosa baby gifts. I ordered for the organic, renewable, non-toxic materials and the Made-in the-USA label. But the quality is what will keep me coming back . The textures are super soft. Everyone especially raved about the Terry cloth bath products.   Victoria Orgel - Concord, NC
I just got the hooded bath towel and wash cloths. They are amazing!! The towel is super absorbent and so soft. We also use the burp cloths, swaddle blanket and onesies. Can't say enough about how much I love Bamboosa!  Ashley S. Blackwell - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Just wanted to congratulate you on such a wonderful company! South Carolina has something to be proud of!  I like to think you're making the world a better place for my two young grand babies!  Susan - Mullins, SC
I placed an order to be shipped to an APO and it got here in a week. Then, when I opened the package the products were wrapped so wonderfully, I felt like I was opening a present. We loved the products, the socks my husband raved about and the material felt great - just amazing.  Jeanette D. - APO, AE

Eco friendly, made in the US, super comfy, fast shipping, reasonable prices - You've got my support!  
C. Stelzer - Chicago
The shirts arrived today.  Thanks so much!  They are in Saudi Arabia, the fact that they were all short sleeve really worked out well.  I must say that your company certainly rates up there as one of the best for customer service.  I'll keep watching your website and hope there are new additions!  
Litsu R. - APO
I have several patients who have sensitive skin and your bamboo blend products are some of the few clothing items they can wear with comfort and no irritation. I will continue to recommend your products, keep up the great work and outstanding customer service!   Gary F. - Stockbridge, GA
I'm lovin the boxers! They're so comfortable, I can't even tell I have them on.  Eric Farmer - State College, PA
Your Bamboosa shirts took a trip to Antartcia this past Dec./Jan. and had a great time!  I used them as a base layer and was never ever cold!  They were great and are now well traveled too - they even had a stop over in Buenos Aires, Argentina!    Susan Morris - Laurel, MD

Fantastic socks!  I ordered some as Christmas presents (along with a pair for myself), got them yesterday, and am back on line ordering more today!  I may never take them off!  Green Luxury at its finest.   
Beth P. - Lexington

I love bamboo! I do a lot of hiking w/my dog Maggie. The socks help my feet breath, are warm, and feel just wonderful. The shirts wash well, and are very durable. I double the shirts on warmer days, and always wear one layered under my outerwear on cooler days. There is only one draw back, I find that I don't want to wear any other socks except the bamboo, so I usually end up washing the ones I have.  
Constance M. - Calhoun, GA
These shirts are for my son, who spent 10 months in Iraq with Army Special Forces. He came home and returned to his job as a police officer. Since his tour in Iraq he has been plagued by a horrible skin rash anytime he wears his police uniform with his bullet proof vest underneath. Many doctor visits, dozens of ointments & creams, antibiotics & injections - the miserable rash always returns & drives him nuts with the awful itch. I bought him a Bamboosa tee shirt to wear under his vest. It helps SO much and seems to eliminate most of the miserable rash.  I wish I could afford to buy him a half-dozen, but two will do.   
Jean Hall - Myrtle Beach

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the clothing I ordered. Everything fits like a dream and the socks are super comfy! However, what impressed me the most was the itty bitty package that arrived on my doorstep. I saw the box and said, "No way is everything in there! Maybe 1 pair of socks!" To my surprise, everything was there and neatly packaged too. Had I ordered from any other retailer, the socks alone might have shipped in the size box my entire order was encased in!  
Sandra F. - San Jose, CA

I love these washcloths! They are soft and chemical free and make me happy washing my face. :) Thank you for offering such high quality products!  
Julie P. - NY, NY
Received my order 2 days after placing the order - how wonderful!! Incredibly soft & luxurious.   JoAnn - Ohio
I would like to take a moment to tell you that I love your clothing and apparel. It works miracles for sensitive skin.  Rossana B.- Concord, CA
Your clothes are absolutely wonderful! I bought a couple of your shirts for myself and absolutely love the feel and drape of them.   Leah - VA
Thank you again for your wonderful bamboo products and your excellent service! Everyone loved the bamboo shirts that I gave them for Christmas, and of course I love mine, too!   
Janet G. - Russiaville, IN
I'm glad I found you -- and will likely be ordering some gifts soon - because I'm just so taken with the silkiness and have enjoyed shocking friends and co-workers when I tell them what it is!   
Patty C.-
Thank you for your honesty regarding the shipping charges. It would be
easy for a company to not let me know that it would cost much less.  I have one pair of the socks which I bought in Ontario, and love them so much I felt it was worth the price for shipping from you. Your excellent customer service provides yet another reason for me to promote your company to friends and family.  Emily - ON, Canada

A belated MAHALO (THANK YOU) for the T-shirts!!! You all are something else. I don't think any company ever has taken such measures to ensure my loyalty as a customer. And you had me hooked on product alone, like your wonderful baby towels and wash cloths.   
Darci - HI
I received my order today and am so very impressed with every detail, from the great packaging to the perfect fit and quality of the shirts I purchased. And what an incredible value. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and the planet! You rock Bamboosa!  Jennifer - OR

I just received my order from Bamboosa and I am just thrilled with the feel and fit of the sleep slip. I can't wait until bedtime so I can try the sleep slip out! Very impressed with your speedy service and quick response to my tracking # request. Thanks for providing an environmentally responsible, high quality product at a reasonable price point.   
Donna - IL
I'm interested in trying the socks because I love the t's so much, and hike all the time. I just spent some time hiking in the Phoenix desert mountains, and the tees worked better than any I've used before - stayed dry, didn't smell, and when I layered I could easily wear the outside layer as the inside the next day.   
Amy B. - NC
I just received my first-ever order from your company... and I'm in love! Thanks for your quick service and beautiful products! Not easy "going green" in rural Arkansas, but with your help, I feel like I've made a little difference.  
Terri - Crossett, AR
I'm hooked, my husband's hooked, my sister-in-law is hooked, my husband's golf buddies are about to be hooked, my niece is hooked and my niece's baby is hooked. This is definitely the Next Big Thing! Keep up the good work!  
Wendy B.- Gainesville, FL
Now my sweetie and I are BOTH hooked on your products! He loves the short-sleeved t-shirts, both under his scrubs at the hospital (because they breathe so well) and on stage with the band, because they look so nice! I now have 3 sleep slips and we're both psyched for the new products on the horizon.   Marie - Woburn, MA

I just wanted to write to say how happy I am with my Bamboosa tees! I LOVE THEM! I've taken an oath to buy only "green" and I'm so glad I found you. I can indulge guilt-free knowing that your products are organically produced, that I'm supporting an USA-made product, and living more sustainably. Lara - Saint Clair Shores, MI
I love my beautiful shirt and the fabric is extraordinary. I think you are doing an important and highly credible thing, in every way. I have sent your site out to everyone I know. You inspire me.   Teresa - Cambria, CA
Really liked the long sleeve shirt I received, so my mother, sister and sister-in-law will all get a shirt and a pair of socks for Christmas.  Thanks for making such a quality product in the USA.  Henry - Hartsville, SC
I am so excited about Bamboosa and everything the company stands for. You are the type of company I want to give my business to. I think the website looks great and I am so happy to know there is a company out there that strives to hold themselves to a higher standard.   Pamela - Alisoveijo, CA
I received my package this morning - how exciting to open the box and see my tissue wrapped top inside! It is so super soft I just love it. And I will be spreading the word in South Africa!  Sarah - Claremont, South Africa
I got my order today, and I can't believe how beautiful this fabric is!! You should market it as vegan silk. Amazing stuff!
Ai -Philadelphia, PA

I recently purchased socks, t-shirt and shorts from your site. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying them! The socks make love to my feet!  Diedra - Terre Haute, IN

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