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What it Means and Why it Matters

Made in U.S.A. - Not only are our products sewn in the USA but all of our fabrics are made in the US as well. This ensures a high level of reliability when it comes to what is on (and maybe more importantly what is NOT on) our fabrics. Because of important US laws regarding health and safety, as well as environmental regulations, certain substances that may routinely be found on fabrics coming from the Far East, are not allowed in US production. Additionally, because we actually control the process and are absolutely certain what goes on our fabrics, we can say that our fabrics are safe with the utmost confidence. The sourcing strategy in Asia, particularly China, is one that does not provide a reasonable level of certainty regarding what chemicals are on those fabrics. Many companies having products made in Asia do not even know where the work is actually being done.


Safe and Non-Toxic - When we process our fabrics we do not use chlorine, formaldehyde, flame retardants, or anti-curl agents. We also do not use benzidine-based or benzidine cogener-based AZO dyes. All of our dyes are fiber reactive dyes that form a molecular bond with the fabric and are extremely colorfast and non-toxic. Here is a list of 11 other chemicals we don't use on our fabrics!

Our printing inks are water based, phthlate free and lead free. They are the safest class of inks available for printing and are Oeko-Tex Certified and CPSIA compliant, ensuring they are safe for babies. Plus, they are just as soft as our fabric!


Organic - The bamboo crops that our fiber is derived from are certified organically grown. All of the cotton we use is certified organically grown as well. Here is a deeper and more detailed discussion on what organic may or may not mean when you see it in a label or on the packaging for a textile product.